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On Demand Ad System – ODAS Part 2

Resume viewing

In this post I’m going to introduce you to ODAS: On Demand Ad System.

If you don’t know what’s the reason to demand ads, please, look the first post.


If you know the TV series Black Mirror, maybe you have seen the second episode “15 Million Merits“. In that episode, people live in a system that force them to see all kind of ads, even if they are not interested in the specific ad (“resume viewing” scenes).

I believe that it’s not so different in our reality: The difference between theirs is that we can select or discard the ad, and our brain usually discard automatically most of the ads.

The result is that we lose a lot of time watching ads that are not interesting for us.

For this reason, I think that the more effective way to offer ads for people, is allow them to get them, and don’t force to seeing.

How we can made a system that can bring us this possibility and be effective and profitable? Like I said: Embedding ads into the videos.


I explain it step by step:


First step: A user is watching a video on a Smart TV, Smartphone, computer or tablet, and he sees something that he likes.


Second step: The user catch a scene in his device, that scene is saved in his profile, and the video keeps playing.


Third step: When the film ends, the user goes back to a main section in the platform (ODAS) and can see his favourites scenes and the ads related to them.

Intermediate steps:

It exist the possibility that there is no ads related to the scene. For this reason, we have a ranking for our advertisers in the background of ODAS. In that ranking, the advertiser can review the scenes and make his own ads related to each scene.

Also we offer to the user the possibility of tagging his scene to receive more information about that. We can use this information to segment on kind of scenes when showing the ranking to the advertisers.

In the next post, I will publish a brief of the system’s workflow.

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