in Prototypes

I’ve been thinking during last 2-3 years about actually advertising systems. When I ask a friend for his impressions, he usually answer me Advertising is boring, or Advertising is obsolete.

For this reason, I’ve started to brief and a small prototype of how to embed our ads in a video, bringing to users the possibility to see them on a not intrusively way.

How we can do that? Simple: Catching scenes in movies and tagging them.

For example:

You’re watching a movie and you see on it a shoes that you love. Definitively you want to buy this shoes, but you can’t any reference of them. The unique way to know which shoes they are, is asking in forums and searching in Google. A lot of work that probably kill your consume intention… 😛

It’s probable that the firm who makes the shoes, has payed previously for showing his shoes in our film, but his ROI is practically null.

Would it be better for the customer and for the shoes firm, if the customer could buy the shoes directly? I think it is obvious.

In the next post, I will explain in a tech way, how we can do it.


Image Credits: The Red Shoes (Wikipedia)